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VR1600V Modem - 2 questions

Level 2

Hello Support,


NBN has been recently installed and this modem was functioning pretty quickly after. I finally have it all set all set up and I have now have 2 questions:
1. I want to backup the current configuration for the router. With previous devices I have been able to save the config data to a file on my computer. I can't seem to find this option with this new modem. Am I missing something or is this a shortcoming of this TP-Link model?
2. My firmware revision is 0.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 171228 Rel.64067n, hardware Archer VR1600v v1 00000000. From what I read on this site there seems to be an update to this firmware. Can you please confirm this, update the firmware or let me know how I can do this. TPG user '<removed>'.