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VX220-G2V - Parental Controls

Level 2
Level 2


I am trying restrict internet access for a device for perticuar duration of time, through Parental Control's Effective Time option and via Whitelist policy.  When I enable content restriction through Whitelisting and set the time through Effective Time for the device (added by MAC Address), the internet remains shutdown forever and it doesn't take into account the time slot enabled. Basically the  Effective Time is not working with either Blacklist or Whitelist option. 

Any idea how can I resolve this or any firmeware update available to resovle this issue?


Hi @mnm,


Depending on the make & model of the modem, these are the basic steps in setting up parental control: 


1. Toggle on parental controls


2. Click Add.


3. The user should enter or scan the device name, MAC address of their device manually to add a device that is not connected.


4. Select the effective time period during which the restriction applies.


5. Enter a description into the description field.


Hope that helps! 



Level 2
Level 2
I followed exactly the same steps. But when I apply the Whitelist content restriction for a certain time slot (using Effective Time) the internet remains inaccessible all the time for all the added devices instead of being inaccessible for a particular time slot set using the Effective Time
Level 2
Parental control doesn’t work on this modem VX220-G2V.
So unfortunately I have to turn off the wifi for all.
Not sure why tpg or the router manufacturer have this option when it can’t be used.