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VX220-G2V Wi-Fi 5ghz not working

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I raised a question last year about my TPLink VX220-G2V where the 5Ghz wifi keeps failing stopping devices from connecting and the only option I have is to restart the router.


Last year after speaking to support, resetting the router and wasting quite a lot of time on it I decided to put up with it for the time being as I was going to be travelling quite a bit. However, now I am back full time and the issue with the 5Ghz is more annoying than ever. I am getting 1 maybe 2 days of use before I have to reset the router.


As I noted in my original query above, others are also having the same issues and I see in one of the links ( they received a replacement router that does not have the same issue.


Is it possible to get a replacement router for this issue?


Hi @djmulls888 


We'd like to raise your case with our Technical Team to further check your device and see what we can arrange for you.


Just send us a private message with your account details.