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Various problems of New NBN installation

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Hi there, 

NBN installed and activated yesterday. But I got significant delay when using IOS and Android system at 2.4GHz, for example iphone and smart TV,  accessing the WIFI. These are the two tests I did with my mobile phone.


It is almost impossible to use, with download speed only 0.3 Mbps. 5G connection to WIFI seems to be fine, can reach 90 Mbps. However, even with 5G connection, I experienced frequent ping problems (up to 200ms) when playing on-line games.  (All the devices are close enough to the modem from TPG. It worked very well with previous ISP with only 20Mbps downloads at the same position to the router. )


One more test I did was, connecting my smart tv to modem with Internet cable. It will cause wifi connection lost or sudden connection hang (video streaming pausing) on other devices. 

So any sepcial settings there?  It looks like something wrong with the modem, or with the configuration if not the case. Not changes since the installation. The modem is tp-link AC1600. 
Looking forward to your reply. 

Level 3


I set up an DHCP IP range for the modem, which seems to cause this issue. Change it back to starting from solved it. 


Just for your reference. Strange behavior of the modem though. Cheers.