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VoIP (using POTS device) and Using More Secure Router for Network.

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I have been using TPG's own FTTB service for more than 2 years and generally happy with the service. Internet service is fast and reliable and the VoIP service is stable.  The Huawei HG659 has been OK - but just.  I don't like it that you can't save configurations.  I don't like it that you have limited static IPs.  I don't like it that you can't identify all the MAC addresses with device names on your network.  I get concerned when TPG/Huawei want to hide things (such as SIP settings etc.) - the paranoia is probably exacerbated by western Govts banning Huawei from 5G implementations.

The above, plus the need for VPNs (inbound and outbound), running many IOT/home automation devices etc, the desire to segment the network into VLANs etc. etc. and to add more robustness to the network means that ideally I'd like to replace the Huawei HG659.   There are many posts stating that TPG is being very restrictive about that.   So on the basis that you keep the Huawei HG659 (as the terminating device for TPG's FTTB service), is there a way that you can still keep a POTS (plain old telephone system) device connected to the VoIP port on the Huawei and (also connected to a LAN port of the Huawei) have a proper router to perform all the firewall, routing, Port Forwarding, DNS, DHCP, NAT, DPI etc activities?

If the only way that can have a proper router perform all these (and other functions) is to put the Huawei into bridging mode, my understanding is that the VoIP will no longer work.   TPG can you confirm that?

That problem could be solved by using a Cisco SPA112 2-Port Adapter in the inside of the proper router's network - but you would need the VoIP SIP settings from TPG.

TPG, is my understanding that you are being unreasonably restrictive/uncompetative in not providing that information.  Is that correct?

I would like to stay with your service, but my contract is now up.  I can live with your requirement to use your terminating equipment, but I need my VoIP telephone service.   Please find a way that I can stay one of your customers.   BTW, I'm not the only one in the building that is feeling disadvantaged by your position on this matter.


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The modem we provide is a standard modem and we’ve optimised the setup to complement our specifically configured modem settings.

we provide the modem for all our NBN and TPG-FTTB plans as they are sold as an Internet & Home Phone Bundle. As the Home Phone component of your bundle is encrypted for security, you will need to use our modem if you are to make and receive phone calls

Yes, the VoIP feature will not work using a 3rd party modem/router. Our VoIP system relies on the customized firmware of the TPG supplied modem for the VOIP credentials to authenticate. Unfortunately, third party devices will not work as it is how it was designed.

We're sad to know that this you're considering to the cancel the service because of this. We tried to use your community details to pull up the account unfortunately it does not show any matching records.

PM us your account details (Username/Customer ID and the address on file) together with your best contact number and preferred time. We'll have one of our Account Specialists contact you.

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