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What HORRIBLE service we have had to date.


We were advised by TPG that our modem was dispatched and sent out to our new address on 27 January 2022 (this was after signing up to our NBN service more then a week prior to that) with a tracking number. As of 31 January 2022, we still have no modem. We went onto the TPG website, and opened up chat to speak to someone as we usually cannot be on the phone whilst working. A staff member looked up the tracking number and confirmed it is currently in transit and we would receive it in a few days.

We looked up the tracking number today and it still was sitting in 'READY TO BE PICKED UP' status. We contacted StarTrack who advised they had received nothing from TPG.

We then went back onto the TPG website, and opened the chat box to get assistance; to then be told that was for SALES only and no one could help them over chat and to call their standard line. So how come someone was able to assist me over chat the day before, but they can't today?

To say our initial experience with TPG has been dreadful is an understatement. We work from home, and to be told from our Sales representative that we would receive our service and modem within the week of signing up, and to now still not have a modem over 2 weeks later is disgusting. No doubt I am currently being charged for a service I am not using as well (as the service has already been switched on).


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Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention. Kindly PM your modem consignment number including your TPG customer ID or username, so I can coordinate the delivery status with our Logistics Team and determine its whereabouts.

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