WIFi limited coverage

Level 3
I was allocated tp link ac1600 v modem router for hfc. The WiFi is not able to cover all the areas of my house.
Previously I had netgear D7000 with 3 external aerials for adsl2 and it covered all the areas in my house.
Can you suggest which tp link router will be able to extend the WiFi range and how to get one

Hi @Shankarr,


For NBN HFC service, the TP-Link vr1600v is the only modem we provide.


If the coverage issue is due to distance already, your best option would be to get wireless extenders or look into the possibility of getting WIFI mesh. However, I would suggest trying to tweak first the wireless channels to see if that will improve the WIFI signals. You may want to visit this link for additional information:


Wireless Channel on your modem - what is it and why should I change it?