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What NBN FTTN Modem Does TPG Give?

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Hi Just a quick question, Can someone give me the model number for the modem TPG give you for their FTTN NBN plans, so i can look up the stats?

Thank you.

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Hi @Barda, TPG supplies either the TPLink VR1600v and the Huawei 659 for all NBN technologies except FTTP. So you could get either. You could possible request a specific one as a special request if you had a preference.


Editing to add: this thread might be helpful too

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I'm very curious about this also, I'm switching from another provider to TPG once the NBN is in on my street which is supposed to be sometime within the next 60 days.  We make use of WIFI in several different rooms in the house so its important to us that the wifi signal is good coming off the modem.  I've read some reviews that say the TP link router is better so I'm hopping to get one of those instead of the huawei.