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Hi there, 


I live in a small apartment and the internet in the bedroom is a black spot. 

From time to time the technician comes to fix the signal, but after a few weeks it gets weak again. 


I want to buy a Wi-Fi extender to boost the signal in that bedroom. It's where our home office is set-up, so it's to use the computer and sometimes the smart TV (streaming channels like Netflix)  


I have a TP-Link VR1600v connected to the NBN by a black box Modem supplied by the NBN.


What's the best and easier to install wi-fi extender compatible with the router supplied by TPG?

I'm not so familiar with tech things, so please don't mind me asking.

Thanks a lot in advance!!


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Hi @Re . You can check out extenders at computer retailers (JB hifi, Officeworks, Harvey Norman, etc). More detailed info on a particular model can be found on the maker's web site. Cheap ones might only have one band rather than both (2.4G and 5G).

Placement: partway between the router and that bedroom. It needs to be close enough to pick up the router's wifi signal but still reach the bedroom. Use your mobile phone to compare signal strength in the bedroom with the extender in different places. The extender usually has an indicator to show it has a good signal from the router.

You might want to connect the TV to the 5G band with the higher capacity, if the TV supports 5G.

You could use a longer ethernet cable (CAT6) between the black box and the router. Run the cable along the edge of the room to shorten the distance to the bedroom. Unless the router is in a convenient spot.


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