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WiFi Booster / extender

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my NBN connection comes in in the living room. That covers the living room and kitchen well. 

However, the signal is very weak in the bedroom down the corridor.

Please note I cannot move the router to different locations.

I've read that boosters/extenders may be the solution, but there's a lot of them with a wide price range and I honestly cannot tell the difference.

My router is a TP-Link Archer VR1600v (if that is required info)


Any recommendation on a booster device and where to place it?

I would like to reach with a decent 5G signal a bedroom which is 7 meters away (3 walls).




Hi @poldo . Extenders at the cheap end may only do the 2.4G band (which has 300Mbps bandwidth). Next price range will do both bands.

7 metres is not very far so middle cost is probably ok. 

The extender is placed partway between the router and where you want the coverage. It needs a strong enough signal from the router to extend it. The 5G band has less range than 2.4G. So, you wouldn't put it in that bedroom because the signal would be too weak.

You can check out the models available from your local computer stores (Harvey Norman, JB Hi Fi, etc). User guides can be downloaded from the manufacturers' sites. One consideration might be physical size; when it's plugged in to the power point, does it cover the other outlet?