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After switching over to the new 5G Fast 5866t modem My Xbox One is no longer working when connected to the WiF, Yet my PS5 Works perfectly fine is there anything I can do to fix this?

Based on your question above, you play online games with your Xbox One and now you are not able to do so after the switch, am I correct?


Though I cannot explain how the PS5, based on my understanding of Xbox One it needs port forwarding to play online. Home Wireless use CG-NAT and port forwarding would not work with this set up.



What is CG-NAT and how does it affect Home Wireless Broadband Services?

Techy types should be aware that Home Wireless Broadband uses CG-NAT. Carrier-grade NAT (Network Address Translation) is a type of network that assigns services with a private IP address, instead of a dynamic public IP address. Our network will then translate that private address into a public address. This means that the following items (which depend on internal NAT) will not work on Home Wireless Broadband:


  • Port forwarding
  • Hosting web, email or file servers internally
  • Smart Home systems (e.g. accessing security camera footage remotely, home automation and printers)
  • Remote Access (i.e. accessing your home computer or devices from another location)


Solved: All About TPG Home Wireless Broadband - TPG Community



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