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Wired Connections on Orbi RBK352

Level 2

I have an NBN50 plan connected via HFC and have today removed by TPLink router and replaced it with an Orbi RBK352 mesh wifi network. 


On set up I have enabled the vlan bridging and set my VLANID to 2 and Priroity to 0. After enabling IPV6 connections as well I'm up and running and all wifi connections on my home network are working great.


Unfortunately I'm having issues when connecting devices directly to my Orbi via ethernet. Namely my Arlo Ultra 2 Base station for cctv and my HueBridge for Phillips Hue Go Light. Both devices are appearing oin my attached devices list and are set to allowed however internet connectivity for them doesnt seem to be working. My Arlo base station never goes into a steady blue light state and I cannot setup away from home access for my hue go light. 


For the VLAN bridging I have enabled ports 1-3 and its showing as all wired and wireless connections will go through this. 


Has anyone come across similar issues with wired connections?






We do not have instructions for configuring and bridging a third-party modem or router. It would be best to post the actual settings of the main modem here for reference so we can try to understand the settings that need to be changed.