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Worst Cust. Service with False Information Provided

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HI, I am getting vey low wifi signals in my 2 bedrooms. I have 2 bed unit and modem in installed in drawing room. While contacting tech support thy insist me to buy a wifi extender. why tpg's provided router is not capable enough to provide wifi in standard 2 bed unit. ?? 


Users ( my neighbours)  from Telesra / dodo not facing any issues with provided modem. 


Because of TPG's old age modem i have to spend extra.


Not happy with the tpg service. 


Hi @tarakmehta,


We have already responded to your other thread.  As discussed, a Complaints Resolution Case Manager has been assigned to assist you with your concern and work on a resolution.


Please allow your Complaints Resolution Case Manager to assess your case. She will get in touch with you in the next 24 hours via email or phone call.


If you have other concerns, it would be best to continue the discussion on the other thread.