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Worst Customer Service with False Info

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HI, I am getting vey low wifi signals in my 2 bedrooms. I have 2 bed unit and modem in installed in drawing room. While contacting tech support thy insist me to buy a wifi extender. why tpg's provided router is not capable enough to provide wifi in standard 2 bed unit. ?? 


Users ( my neighbours)  from Telesra / dodo not facing any issues with provided modem. 


Because of TPG's old age modem i have to spend extra.


Not happy with the tpg service. 


Hi @tarakmehta,


Welcome to the TPG Community!


I'm sorry to hear that the free modem we provided doesn't suit your current WIFI needs. Based on our records, it seems like you're having trouble getting a good speed on a 30-40meter range.


WIFI is a functionality of the modem and there are factors that may limit its capability like, but not limited to distance, location of the device, interference from other networks/devices, thick walls among others.



I can see though that you have already escalated your concern to our Complaints Handling Department; Customer Relations. A Complaints Resolution Case Manager has already been assigned as your sole contact. She will contact you via email or phone call to discuss your concerns and work towards a resolution.


Please allow your Complaints Resolution Case Manager to assess your case. She will contact you within the next 24 hours.


If you have other concerns, feel free to leave a message.




Level 1c

Still waiting for the solution, mailed 2 times to case manage XXXXXX , Customer Relations Case Manager, but no reply receive. 


Extermly disappointed with the service and customer care.


**Post edited for privacy reasons.


Hi @tarakmehta,


We are sorry to hear that you remain disappointed. We take a genuine interest in all customer feedback and we really appreciate you raising this matter with us.


I hope you can bear with us further while we coordinate your concern with your Customer Relations Case Manager. Please expect to be contacted via phone call or email within 24 hours.