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battery light on modem and beeps every 15 minutes

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The indicator light (red) is on the replace battery on power supply box and an alarm beeps every 15 minutes. can This has happened before but was fixed over the phone. Can someone please help, as I work from home and require this to be working


Hi @sjjt0410,


The NBN backup battery allows you to make phone calls during a power outage using a corded phone, for up to five hours.


The alarm in your power supply and battery backup unit will beep if the battery is running low on power and needs replacing. The beeping sounds becomes more frequent as the battery drops down to a critically low level.


We have created this article that may help you on How to fix the beeping sounds of the NBN Battery Backup


If there's a need for your to replace or remove it, this will also help you NBN backup battery (Fibre to the Premises Only)