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firmware for Huawei HG630

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I have a Huawei HG630 provided by TPG. How can I check that I am using the latest firware?




Hi @freebee,


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All our supplied modem/router has customized firmware. Let me know should you require further assistance.


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I understand that the HG630 has custom firmware provided by TPG. However, the firmware in my router will be several years old now (the router was provided in 2015). How do I ensure that I have the latest custom firmware installed?


The router log says:


Manufacturer:Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
ProductClass: HG630
SoftwareVersion: V100R001C216B013


How can I check if that this "V100R001C216B013" is the latest version? I do not see a firmware download page for HG630 on TPG website anywhere.


Thanks for your advice.

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Hi freebee,


I posted the same query a few months ago. Few days later a message was left on my answering service.

The HG630 was replaced by A Huawei HG659. The person leaving the message said that the new router wasn't affected by KRAK.

I have seen on a few forums that Huawei routers get a lot of criticism. I live in a studio apartment (with lots of WiFi users) and the HG659 works fine.

Perhaps you should give support a phone call.

Good luck,