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Hi there,


I'm new to all this & am super confused ...


A friend has just offered us their old iinet modem & fetch Mighty STB box (as they got the new fancy Mighty with 6 channel recording).


My question is - will the Fetch STB work with our TPG internet automatically? If not, is there a way to make it work at all? And if so, it is really just $1 to get it all up & running??


Sorry, I'm just a real tech-phobe.





Hi @wato13,


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It is possible to use the old iiNet modem as long as it is compatible with your NBN FTTN service. If your friend was using it for their NBN FTTN service before, then there are settings on the modem that is needed to be changed for it to work with us. However, the home phone (VoIP) will not work with it as the modem that we provide our customers has a special firmware for it.


If you are going to use the old iiNet modem and was able to configure it to work with our service, then the fetch box will automatically work as the needed settings for it is already saved in the old modem. However, if you are going to use your current modem, you need to get the settings that's needed to open some ports for your Fetch STB box since it will not automatically. We can't guarantee the use of a third party device, but you can still try.


We are not sure about the $1 for all of it to work as we do not offer it on our TPG bundle deals.


You might need to ask your friend about the subscription with Fetch as we believe that you need an account for it to work.


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