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modem for ADSL2+ recommendation

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Hi, I have just signed up with TPG on the no lock-in contract ADSL2+ with Home Phone Unlimited. As I am on no contract I have to buy my own modem. I want a modem only without a router as I will also buy the Netgear Orbi to use as a mesh wifi system as I need it to get full wifi coverage in my apartment. Can anyone recommend a modem only to use with TPG ADSL2+. I have zero tech knowledge so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks


Hi @nathharr3,


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We do not recommend or endorse any particular brand of modem. For as long as it is compatible with ADSL2+ connection and supports PPPoE, LLC, VPI & VCI, you should be able to configure it to connect to the Internet.



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ok thanks


You're welcome @nathharr3.


Let us know should you require further assistance.