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my landline telephone not working since I ,ve been connected to NBN

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on the 25/11/20 I have been connected to NBN via TPG. Since then my landline telephone  is not working. Internet is working .I contacted your on line service and information was given that landline will be working in 24-48 hours - it,s still not working. People can phone me but I cannot dial any numbers. sale person Rawenna pursuaded me to join NBN - she did not mention that my land line will be out of order indefinitely and that my internet will be working only within 1 m from NBN internet boxes.

Hi @tamaraguliaeva 


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and the phone status shows that it is active.

Based on the call logs, you were able to dial out the number, but it wasn't answered. Could you please advise if you heard any error message when you call out? Have you tried to call your own mobile number to test if it's going to go through?

You may also try to turn off and on the modem to refresh the connection, then try to check the phone service again.