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My Huawei modem failed some months ago and I asked for a new1, not recieved yet, How do I get a new 1?


My current 1 is dropping out often, not sure if it's the current repairs NBN has done (dropping out over the weekend so not working on the line ) or if it's my current  modem a D-Link DSL-2877AL.


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I checked your TPG account using your community details as reference. I was able to find a previous case back in October 22, 2018 wherein it was noted that you mentioned that your TPG modem stopped working due to a lightning storm. I have sent you a PM discussing how we can get you a new modem from TPG.


Pertaining to the connection dropouts you're experiencing, I can definitely see that your modem is getting multiple dropouts. Based on the diagnostic tests I have performed, this could be due to the current modem you're using. We need to isolate a possible modem issue since the test result with NBNCo is showing this as an unregistered equipment on their end.


To check the PM I sent you, please visit this link.