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our modem is slow. Why? What can I do to solve this?

Level 2
Specs: Netgear AC1900 C7000v2 (modem router combo), spectrum

Issue: huge latency spikes on both wired and wireless (200ms+), lasts a few seconds at a time, about every 15-60 seconds.


It happens on all devices at the same time, wired and wireless. I had a friend ping me from their home internet and they had the same ping spikes at the same time as me at my house. This leads me to believe it's the modem.


Fix?: Resetting to factory settings tends to fix the issue for a few hours, but that's not a great solution for my household.


Any ideas that could narrow down what's causing the issue, or anything that could possibly resolve it would be greatly appreciated!

Level 15

Hi @Kevin236 . Does reboot provide temporary fix or does it need reset?

While it's working properly, do the following a few times.

To check your local network, do the following on your ethernet computer:

ping -n 100

Response times should be 1 ms with no timeouts.

To check the NBN network, do the following:

ping -n 100

This is Response times should be a small number of millisec with no timeouts. 

If you are gaming, do a ping and tracert to the game server, or whatever web site you are using. Look for long response times between hops.


When you get the spikes, do the same sequence. Set the number of pings high enough to see the spikes come and go.

The Netgear also has ping and tracert tests. And traffic monitor.

Level 15

@Kevin236 . This Netgear only has a coax connector so are you connected through a cable tv setup rather than NBN?