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phone 1 light lit hasn't done it before.

Level 1

Okay we had nbn issued a few weeks ago where all of a sudden the net dropped out for 4 days. Never were told what the problem was. Anyway it's now back on and solid however the phone1 light is lit where it wasn't before. We have no phone connected as we don't use the voip. Now also I was getting a good ping rate of on average 14 which was good for gaming. Now my ping is around 19 and on game servers it's showing constant 32 ping. Wondering why the led is on and all of a sudden our ping is higher. tp link 1600v standard router

Level 8

Hi @wilso The voip led on the VR1600v will act differently since the latest firmware update, log in to your modem and scroll down to the bottom of the page, it will show which firmware version you have, most likely Firmware Version:0.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 180828 Rel.56416n.

This led status is actually more useful than previous firmware versions because it shows that you have connectivity to the voip server when it's solid and are on a call when it's flashing.

Level 1

okay, would that make the ping rate higher? The ping has been higher than it used to. Coming from 11-14 previously prior to the nbn failing for what ever reason, now the ping up to 33 and sometimes 70

Level 8

What has likely happened is that your modem will have restarted to complete the installation of the update, when that occurs you would be routed via a different path back to TPG’s servers depending on network traffic at that time. You will have a different IP address also. 


 Try a reboot and test your ping results again. It’s not a fault, it’s just a network variable which is normal for the way the NBN works.