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port forwarding on Archer VR1600v modem

Level 3

I have a Archer VR1600v modem and am trying to open port 32400 so i can use my Plex server which is on my WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra. I have tried all the suggestions but still the port is closed. I used to have a Huawei HG695 which unfortunatly became faulty and was replaced with the Archer VR12600v and the HG695 had no problems with opening the 32400 port. What am i doing wrong? has anyone had this issue.Please help.



Level 15

Hi @heich .

The WD device needs a fixed ip address on the local network, eg.

To check the device, use your computer to do the following command:

telnet 32400

There should be some sort of response from the WD.

The port forwarding rule will direct port 32400 requests to port 32400 on the WD ip address. Select tcp and udp protocols, unless you know it is one or the other.

To access the WD remotely, since your public ip address can change, set up a DDNS account (noip or dyndns) and configure DDNS on the router. 


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Hi David64,

Your suggestion did not result in answering my question and the correct addressing would be 

telnet : 32400.

I did however fix the issue by enabling UPnP and making sure that PLEX was the service description and External Port is 32400, Protocol is TCP, Internal IP Address is and Internal Port is 32400