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I agreed to replace my ADSL with NBN; A Very Very Big Mistake. On 5 of March 2019 NBN technician installed the new modem and connected to the landline. for the next few days both landline and the internet was dropping of intermittently( three to four times a day)! The same NBN technician came back and did few things and said the modem is faulty!! three day later TPG sent their technician; he checked few things and replaced the modem and took the faulty! one back. This time everything was dead No Internet, No Landline. I was only able to use mobile!!! now is 13 March 2019.

Since then I was calling TPG every day and after 15 to 20 minutes on hold talking to  Technical Support team, who then talks to an "Engineer" and spending between 30 min to 1.5 hrs on the phone with no results. The funny part is that they keep saying we are working on your escalated phone issue sir, but the saga continues. On 21 March 2019 they send a text ( because nothing else is working) that we will send you a new modem!!!! (The Third One); Upon arrival connect "this preconfigured modem" and return the old one or you will be charged $99!!!! I said to myself finally after 3 weeks they sorted out the problem, so I am connected; and guess what? This time No lnternet, No landline and No Mobile, Horray the genius engineering team finally hit the Goal!!!!

Now you are asking how  am I sending this message; Elementary! I did not send the old modem back and connected it instaed, and surprisingly I got internet, but still no Landline and no mobile. I wonder if they are going to direct debit my account for their monthly payments?? Of course they do. They have no shame.

The problem is that there is no way I can get hold off the CEO of this company  to tell him what he deserve to hear; with his excellent team of experties I am out of communication for 20 days and it will continue. Someone has to take the responsibility for this Mess.




Hi @saeedshoghi


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I'm sorry to hear that you're going through a lot of trouble with the internet and the landline.


I pulled up your account using your community details, to have a better understanding on what's going on. First, the issue that you're experiencing with mobile is entirely not related to the NBN internet and home phone. For us to have an idea on how we can help you with your mobile concern, can you PM us the mobile number you're having a trouble with. In addition, can you clarify exactly what kind of issue you're having with the mobile service? Is it phone call, data or SMS?


As for your NBN service, I'm glad that the internet is working. The reason though, as to why the landline didn't work even though the internet is already working is because the configuration of the phone is saved on the modem that is currently active on our file. Since a new modem was provided to you, that's the modem that is in our system. I have already made an adjustment on my end. Your landline should now be working at this point. Kindly test and let us know.