tplink vr1600v

Level 2

oh why only half my wifi is working 

on my tv via nvidia shield pro netflix works- prime video doesnt no internet connection -google playstore says internet not connected-kodi is connected-youtube not connected-amazon music connected none of this makes any sense to me thats why i said half wifi working

i have on google home 4 rooms with smart lights 2 rooms work but 2 rooms not connected to internet

my samsung tablet is so slow its useless ihave turned off the modem many times no luck im at the point of tossing the vr1600 or keeping it and connecting a tplink ax20 which may be qa good option modem routers seem expensive than a router and i can see any standalone modems on sale

any advice really appreciated can this 1600 be firmware updated might solve the problem

on my downstairs pc which is the only user on 5g a search page will say no connection run diagnostics but a minute later the page shows not sure if thats part of the wifi problem i put in a aX20 CARD to see if reception was any better and it was whilst i get this search problem the virus program is still running and not disconnected so i figure it just has to be the wifi of the router as i get different problems on both bands




Hi @patrick69


We may need to isolate the network to see what's causing these issues. Let us have your TPG username or customer ID via private message so we can run tests on your service.