tplink vx220-g2v

Level 2

just received this tplink no issues with wireless or internet connectivity but i only have one choice of  wifi connection  (wf13a347) no other choices unlike my archer1600 i dont have a choice between 2 or 4ghz connections  no manual supplied

the other issue i have is using the modem connection or 1.1 and the default password of Admin i cannot access the router to check the wifi settings am i misssing something a manual would have perhaps been helpful


Hi @patrick69, the band steering option on the TP Link VX220-G2v Modem is enabled by default where it will automatically connect your devices to the best Wi-Fi network possible. You can disable the band steering option and you can connect devices manually to your desired network.


To access the modem page, log in at and use the unique default password found on your modem's barcode sticker. 


Setup and Configuration for TP-Link VX220-G2V modem/router