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use VX220-G2v to setup a Mesh Internet

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I need to create a mesh using VX220-G2V router as I get very poor signal on upper floors of house. My VX220-G2V is connected to the NBN FTTP indoor box using cable. Do I need to physically connect the mesh satelite to the router using a cable? 


Or I can just keep the mesh satelite on upper floor and connect it to the existing Wifi network created by the VX220-G2V router?


Hi @pkhedkar07  With FTTP, the VOIP phone, if you use it, connects to FTTP box. There is no need to keep using the VX220. 

Replace the VX220 with the mesh main unit. Check that internet works.

Go through setup process for the mesh satellite. Place satellite upstairs.

Check signal strengths around the house. You might need a second satellite.

The VX220 might be able to be used if you need more ethernet connections.


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Thanks David...
I don't use the voip phone. In that case, can I chuck the vx220-g2v and directly connect the mesh unit for eg. tp-link deco to the UNI-D 1 port of the NBN box to which vx220-g2v is currently connected.

I read that NBN supplied equipment is still required to be used so I am confused.