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i need my wifi password as i cant find mine anywhere! I live in an apartment block and have such bad reception on my phone today, so i thought this was the best way to communicate, hopfully...



1)i have a used modem and the sticker on the bottom of modem is illegable.

2)i also want my Network name changed to: imnotheretomakefriends, please.


My Network Name is currently WiFi-40C6, please change to: imnotheretomakefriends (this was meant to be done on my last call)

I need a new wifi password, was under the understanding it was either-abbycaXXX or 668XXXX, clearly neither are working and i need to finish my uni assignment and cant get in!!!



Hi @Bee


Welcome to the Community! 


I have modified your post as it contains your account details such as the username and Customer ID for your privacy and security.


If you wish to change your Wi-Fi name & password, you will need to do it manually by logging in to your modem's interface as we cannot do it remotely. If your current modem is from us, we can have one of our Helpdesk specialist to contact and assist you in changing those details. 


If you are using a 3rd party equipment, we can still try and assist however in the event that the basic troubleshooting is not successful, then you may need to contact the modem manufacturer directly. 


Please let us know of your most convenient time to receive a call so I can organise a contact to be made.