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wireless network

Level 8

Hi @mikethew The only other thing that I would try is disable the passwords for public and private connections seeing that it's windows 10, see if that works. Also if you're running a security suite with an additional firewall to the windows firewall try disabling that as a test.

Level 1b

Trend Micro 2nd Firewall was on with the laptop, now off. No change 

After doing a search for other devices within settings I did get the Laptop ID listed and asking for a pin. I used my windows login and it chewed over that for an extended period then said no go, then kept searching.

I have since located Laptop SNID. Is that what I need for the requested pin.

Unfortunately I have not been able to get the Laptop back on the device search., but will keep trying.

Would there be any benefit from using an ethernet connection from the PC to the modem


Level 8

Yes use Ethernet where possible, I'm not sure where the pin request is coming from, I'm running out of ideas, are you connected to the main Wi-Fi network or a 'guest' network? If it's a guest network there's a setting in the router that allows guests to access each other or not.

Level 1b

I have PC connected to modem via ethernet cable and was able to get the laptop to find it in a .search, but it is again asking for a pin.

I dont know if I am in a guest network or main network. Can you let me know how to find which network I am using. Am I right in thinking that is a modem setting not a Windows 10 setting.

Level 1b

I have tryed to access the TP Link web based management page. I get the following message.

Oops! It looks like you aren't connected to your TP-Link network. Please check your network connection and try again.

I am accessing the internet via the TP Link Modem, so there is some failure of recognition of the Laptop and PC by the modem.

Can you access th management page to see if there is an issue there.