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About wifi installation

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I have a problem that is couldn't connect to the wifi? I just contracted new costumer. I tried to connect yourself. But it is unsuccessfully. The problem is error 651. What is the error 651?
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Error 651 could mean a lot of things.

You said that you are a new contracted TPG customer. I take that to mean that your previous ISP was not TPG. Now, your old ISP may have supplied you with their own modem whose default gateway is different from the one used on your new TPG modem.

For example, TPG's NBN modem HG659 has its default gateway as

It could be that you have configured your PC to use a static IP and that static IP is pointing to your old modem default gateway.

To fix this:


  • Click Start -> Settings -> Network and Internet -> Ethernet -> Change adapter options
  • Right click on Ethernet,  and then click Properties
  • Under Ethernet properties, select Internet Protocol Version 4 TCP/IP v4 and then click Properties
  • Ensure “Obtain an IP address automatically” is selected
  • Ensure “Obtain DNS server address automatically” is selected
  • Click OK


In case you need to assign a static IP to your PC, just pattern it after For example, you can use or

For subnet mask use

Most importantly, use as default gateway address.