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HFC Installation - No Outcome

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We have been waiting for HFC to be installed at our premises.

We have contacted TPG to submit a "missing address". This was after speaking with NBNCo.


It has been a couple of weeks now and still nothing??


TPG has taken payment already for a service i cant use.


Registration: We have received and processed your application successfully!
Payment: Your payment has been processed. Thank you!

What is usually the turnaround time?

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The same question I have before I transfer to the NBN.


Check this link:




I was able to received an email of the schedule of the NBN installation. Check your emails from time to time since they usually send it there.

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Yeah - fair call - i was thinking that i might get a notification about the submiting a "missing address" - but nothing....

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Just received this email from TPG.


Please be advised that your address <censored> with a location ID <censored> has been amended as per NBNCo. However, we regret to inform you that we've found out that your address is not yet serviceable and will be available soon ‎(2017-08-18). We will not be able to proceed to upgrade your plan from Stand-alone ADSL service to NBN service at this moment. We apologise for the inconvenience. For more information and clarification, you can call us at ‎1300 023 575.



hmmm, wasnt that date 2 months ago ?

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That's weird.. Smiley Indifferent Smiley Indifferent


You might need to contact them on the number that they've provided to clarify that mate.