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Account cancellation - any further suggestions?

Level 2

Fair trading NSW states that you have a right to cancel your service if it is:

  • provided with an unacceptable level of care and skill
  • unfit for the purpose you asked for
  • not delivered within a reasonable time when there is no agreed end date.

Seeing as the internet is unstable and slow at times, regularly cuts out and is of such a low quality that my partner has to go to work amid this crisis because he cannot work from home only DUE TO THE LOW QUALITY INTERNET.

I have first tried to resolve the issue with the company but my chat windows have just been closed. I find it extremely ironic that an internet company offeres such a low quality product that their own workers cannot take voice calls.

Im documenting every closed chat, every time ive been just left there for hours. My current one is 3hours and 30 minutes since she last replied. 

I will try contacting them again tomorrow, but at this point i see no other option than to stop payments to them and lodge a complaint against the company to governing boards (fair trading NSW, NSW Ombudsman). I cannot find an email to contact TPG with to cancel service, and waited a few hours on hold just in case they were taking calls but it appears they are not at all.

I do not feel i shoudl be liable for the $350 cancellation fee as we are not getting the service that was agreed upon. It is an exceptionally shady way to do business and i cannot condemn this treatment of customers enough.

After being told my ADSL2 would be turned off eventually and pressured into adopting NBN, I am even more upset that the resulting service is so shoddy.

This is ridiculously low quality service, where a company has put on "technicians" and workers who are not at all equipped or trained in customer service, and probably have very limited resources to actually help us. I believe this is malicious and intentional in order to make cancellation as hard as possible. They know their product is defective, yet have made zero efforts to correct that or compensate affected customers. 

Writing this took maybe 15 minutes, and it cut about ten times. Although this issue is intermittent it should not be occuring at all.





Welcome to TPG Community! Please PM me your TPG username, CID or mobile phone number so I can look at your service.

kind regards

Level 2

Can you pm me please? i cant figure out whats public and whats private messaging, this UI is pretty messy. ive talked to like 7 agents by now who all just close my chats and ignore me after i get the standard "Im sorry for the invonvenience let me pull up your account". Im very frustrated, and as i have documented everything, think i am well within my rights to cancel as this is solely a TPG issue. I CANT EVEN GET IN CONTACT WITH BILLING!!!!!! for several days it just says that all the agents are busy.... cant even get in queue.

Other companies are not having these issues. After forcing me onto NBN (You guys called me saying if i didnt change now i wouldnt be able to get a tech appointment in the future and would be without internet. They couldnt tell me WHEN the regular internet would be turned off.) and providing such terrible service, i am entirely disillusioned by this company and wish to terminate my relationship with TPG. AWFUL SERVICE.

This is all so disappointing. Your company bases its advertisements on great speed and stability, and as proven over several months now this is false advertising. 

Level 2

Hello. i was just ralking to Renalyn. I tild her i was having intermittent internet issues and it kept dropping out so she choose to close the chat during one of those times.

IM FURIOUS. SHE WAITED 5 MINUTES WHILE MY CONNECTION WAS UNSTABLE THEN HAD THE GALL TO SAY "oh your havent responded, have a lovely day" and closed chat. This is a joke. Would you like to see all the different ways your tech support officers have not helped at all???


Level 2

Renalyn told me that my one device connected was too much for my little 10mbps internet to handle. which is ridiculous. i asked her to fix the issue and she offered me a different plan and to elongate my relationship with TPG when i cant even get a bsasic issue fixed. this is a screen shot of my current internet speed test. Im devastated the customer service at TPG is so bad. im going to start adding names and screen shots until i get a reply.



Hi @Alexandralee 

   Please check your PM, and I need your accounts details to check your accounts