Awaiting activation

Level 2

Hi, I posted my situation couple of days ago in the community, I used my own router to connect to the FTTC nbn box,but it didn't work.

And after a lot of calling, you sent a tp-link modem to me,I received the tplink modem this morning, and connect it with the nbn FTTC box, also I recieved I received a message said the nbn is awaiting activation on 04/01 and received it again two days ago. Now I just want know how long I need to wait the activation? It said wait for 30 min, but it is around 2 hours right now. 

Thank you.


Hi @huhao1987, we can see that the issue has been escalated to our Engineering Team. We have made a follow up and we have advised the Case Engineer to contact you to further discuss the status of the case.