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If I want to use my own modem (get a better one than what is supplied by TPG) and use my phone with it, doi we know what models will work?


I have FTTC coming and I beliecve we will get a TP Link Ac1600 (VR1600v) but currently I use a D-Link Taipan and I really want a modem router with VERY strong WiFi!


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The VoIP phone feature of the NBN service will not work with a different modem as it has a special firmware which is needed for the phone to work.


If you want to use a different modem/router to have a strong WiFi connection, you have an option to use your own router to boost the WiFi connection of the modem that we provided. You just need to turn Off the WiFi capability on the TP-Link/Huawei modem that we are going to provide you, before you connect your own modem/router and set it as an access point.


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I already have a Archer VR1600v v1 (from previous NBN HFC), as this is effectivly now a BYO router, will TPG waive the $69 setup fee?


Hi @Felixrising


The setup fee is actually $99.95 and it's not a direct payment for the modem but rather a fee to set up the cabling for your service.


The NBN service we provide is a bundled Home phone and Internet and along with it, we provide a modem for the phone to actually work. The Digital voice settings for the phone are pre-configured on the modems we send.



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Ok, so there is no discount for already having a TPG NBN Router and even if I don't want one because I will be buying my own router, I will get sent a second NBN router. Seems a bit crazy to me, but hey, more rubbish for no good reason.