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Been on TPG Chat for 6 hours!!!

Level 1a



I've been on the TPG Chat since 2pm today and it's now 8pm. I been "transferred" 5 times to Regin, Annie, Kathy and Marvie, all ending with zero solutions. I've had to open other chats because the transfer didn't work or no one responded. This is extremely frustrating when the TPG chat is the only way of communicating in order to fix seemingly fixable issues. 


My internet is not working and was advised that was due to the NBN rollout. I called TPG in January to ask if we needed to change as I adhered to the emails and letters we received, however was told that it was not ready and to ignore those emails and an official letter will be sent once it's time to change. Since then I had received no communication that NBN was rolled out in my area and now we're stuck with no internet access. 


I want to change my plan and know how quickly we can get a techician to connect us to the NBN. Because of the inconvenience and no formal notification since January, I want know what TPG will do to either provie internet access until NBN is set up? or compensate during this time? 


Level 1a

Still waiting on the chat... another 4 hours down