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Belrose - NBN Outage for 8+ days now

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Had installed 26/11.  One hour later the storm came through and wiped out my NBN.  I've had numerous messages to say its under investigation - Havent had one for a couple of days. 

Is this still the case? 

Are you holding NBN to account? 

Will the people in the area be credited for services not provided during the outage?


How about putting updates on your outage page.  There was something on there last week but now this has gone and no indication of there being an outage in my area??

Very very frustrating and disappointing.


Hi @aquigle1,


Our apologies for the inconvenience caused by the disruption to your service.


Last 26 November 2019, severe thunderstorms impacted the Greater Sydney area, which caused significant damage to the power network and has resulted in a Force Majeure Event.


The Force Majeure Event prevented NBN Co from supplying NBN services in the Affected Regions, including undertaking new connections, modifications and service at the time Outage occurred.


We can see that the Outage has been cleared and connection has been restored in the area by replacing circuit boards and multiple damaged cables.


We can detect  that your internet service is already up and running for hours now.


If you do have any outstanding issues feel free to send us a message and we would be more than happy to help.