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Best solution for extending NBN range

Level 2
Having waited longer than most to get NBN on (just got connected March 2020), and having bought the top 100 plan, I find that it’s being let down by what appears to be a crap modem router (going off the general view expressed across many earlier posts).

Speed can drop to a max. 1-3 MBPS just a room or two away from the main modem location (say, under 20m from the main modem and NBN connection device located in the dead centre of the house).

I’ve seen other posts referring to various 3rd party mesh solutions but ideally I’d like the simplicity of staying with TPG equipment.

Is there any chance of getting a half decent modem out of TPG, especially for those on the top plan? Or some other Extender that doesn’t take an engineering degree to set up?