Level 2
TPG is the worst of the worst. I have never seen such incompetance in a company.

I have been waiting 1 month for my NBN service, only to find out its been cancelled AFTER i reached put to TPG. Why do you leave customers hanging.

TPG is very quick to charge your credit card when signing, and theyre no where to be seen when your having issues.

Cancel my Account and refund my money in full and ill be driving to macquarie park office in sydney for a one on one with the general manager there. He/she will reimburse me personally for my time.

Level 4

If you are going to Macquarie Park, please be mindful of your actions. Going to Macquarie Park is somehow your fastest way to get someone to do something for you. See if they can sort out the issue for you. If you haven't been able to use the service, you should be eligible for refund. I would suggest you to ask why is it cancelled so you can understand if there are any problems or miscommunications on TPG side. Let them investigate first and if nothing goes well, you can request a higher up and see if they can do something.