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NBN technician never showed up for installation

Level 2

My NBN technician never showed up for installation. I can't reach TPG, the chat or phone service is not working. This is the worst company ever! I should go back to Optus.


Where is my technician? How can I reach someone?

Level 4

Blame the government. Not TPG. If you are with Optus and the technician did not come, you'll still end up nowhere.

Level 2
Yes, but my colleague is with Optus and she got her technician a week before I did and we made the request at the same time. Her technician showed up, my TPG technician never came to set up my NBN so have a modem and no way to plug it in as my place doesn't have a NBN box. Plus I spent 2h waiting for chat just to have the person close it when I got in line to number 5 after all the wait. I have no way of getting in touch with anyone from TPG!