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Can’t activate NBN, even billing may commence. Tried to call many times, never can get through

Level 2
Hi there, I’m a long time TPG broadband user. Recently I have just set up a new NBN plus home phone plan with TPG, and wait for the NBN to be connected. I have received my modem, then followed your instructions again and again, tried lots of times, but still can’t get connected. Called TPG support team and the installation team, waited very long time on the phone, never can get through. I keep getting urgent text messages to push me to connect my TPG modem and activate NBN service as billing may commence. I work at home everyday and internet is the essential, I can’t take the risk that my internet could be cut off. Can someone contact me ASAP? Otherwise if you can’t fix it quickly, can I cancel my plan right now? I’m very frustrating about this situation. Your quick response will be very appreciated.