Changing NBN Plans

Level 2

Hi there, I'm currently on the 'Basic typical speed' $60 Unlimited data NBN plan. Since the internet speed has been too slow for my family and me, I am thinking about upgrading to the ‘Standard Plus speed' $70 Unlimited data NBN plan, however, I was wondering if I could upgrade and change back at any time if there was no significant difference in internet speed.


SO if I were to upgrade for a month to the ‘Standard Plus speed’ package, would I be able to downgrade back to the original 'Basic typical speed' package that I am currently on if I'm not happy with the upgraded package?


And how does one actually change there NBN plans?

Could you please send me a PM (private message) with your CID (customer identification number) or UN (Username) or your mobile phone number.
So I can look at this service for you.
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