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Unstable internet connection

Level 1b

I am having regular drop out in internet in both speed and connection. I am unable to contact the technical support as it is always indicating busy and not letting to stay in a que. No phone number or email address is available to contact. 

Please give some way to contact you or I may be force to cancel the service and go with another supplier where i can get support when required as it is critical for me to work from home.


Welcome to TPG Community,

You can private message to me your customer ID, username, service address or mobile number so i can check status here.



Level 1b

Customer ID: 4190772

address: 2/81 french street coorparoo qld4151


I am having the same issue right now on Thursday, 16th April at 6. 44 pm since 5 pm. 

I checked connecting to the modem, but still it is frequently dropping and very unstable. Speed reaches 90 Mbps but suddently drops to nothing. Upload speed is maximum reaching 3 Mbps and drops to nothing within short period of time. I have taken screen shots to prove as in attached. 


Hi Buddhi,

I have noted that you had chat yesterday with our help desk and you have done some test over 5G wireless so let me know is that upload improved?  Have you try to connect your device via wired connection?

If possible then try to hard reset router by pressing reset button from back side after reset router will get configuration automatically, any issue let me know as well.


See below link for trobuleshooring for slow connection.