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Common issue, FTTC NBN NCD, No DSL connection

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This seems to be the common issues in this forum.

What has happened. I order NBN FTTC SL Bundle Superfast.


I got NBN NCD and TPG modem with the text message asking to follow instructions at

Serveral tests were done at after 8am, and 11am today; there is still no DSL connection.

I am told the the case is escalated to Engineering department, and I will be contacted between 24 to 48 hours.


Following this forum, for all similar FTTC cases, in the end NBN engineer is contacted to fix the issue.

I am wondering if there is any streamline process such that NBN people is contacted sooner to reduce the total lead time to be less than 6 working weeks.


I understand that TPG indicates that the process can take between 2 working days to 30 working days. It's 6 weeks. I have seen in this forum, for FTTC it has been around the 4 to 5 week mark.


Best Regards,



Hi @Tha89,

Once NBN notify us that service installation has been completed, we do the normal troubleshooting, in some cases it works on the day of installation if not we raise it to our Engineering Team for further investigation to identify the issue.

At the moment our Engineers booked a technician visit today between 1-5PM to check your service.


Let me know how it will go.

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Hello Shane,


Sam, the TPG technician has the just left. It is confirmed that the NBN is not yet provided.

The technician said that he will book for an NBN person to do work from the outside.

I guess that the work from the outside is the actual NBN provisioning at my address.


Please help to get the NBN actualy provided.

I understand that this is all TPG can do for now and has done it quicly and promptly.

I really appreciate help from Shane, the moderator of this forum, TPG case managers, account managers and others.


Please help to complete this NBN installation journey.




You're welcome @Tha89,

I will pass this to our Provisioning Team and request an urgent feedback on Monday for the installation progress.



Hi @Tha89


I understand that one of our Case Managers from our Service Delivery team has been in touch with you yesterday and has informed you regarding an appointment with an NBN technician. 


An NBN technician has been booked on Wednesday, 05 September 2018, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM. Their technicians advise of a possible need for entry to the premises to finalise the connection. This means we require you or a person over 18 years of age to be home for the appointment. 


Our Service Delivery team will continue to provide you updates as soon as additional information becomes available. 


Should you need further assistance, please let us know. 

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Hello Erika, Cc Shane,


I really appreciate TPG team's effort to push this along.


At this stage, from reading the experience for similar NBN installation cases in this forum, I can identify the following risks

1) Existing adsl service and telephony service get disconnected

2) NBN will not work


3) Here are some issues from previous installations

3.1 "NBN probably connected the wrong wires" as reported by an existing case

3.2 Another experience has stated that "They requested for the serial number on the NBN box and checked it with their database". Can TPG check this now?

3.3 I belive that there are more of the experiences to this class of installation issues.


4) This will leave the customer without any internet connection

5) TPG continues the charging


I am wondering if TPG has any actions in place to mimimize the above risks. Minimize these risks will mimimizes the customer total downtime.


Thanks for your support and effort to help me on this NBN installaiton journey.

Best Regards,



Hi @Tha89


This is just a small snapshot of our vast customer base and as you know people are more likely to contact us when they need assistance.

Installation time frames will differ based on:

  • Address passing service qualification & initial payment being successful.
  • The volume of orders and availability of NBNCo resources in a specific area.
  • The type of work required to complete the activation
    • May require an onsite visit
    • May require work along the infrastructure (Node/Cabinet/Pit)

TPG will always request NBNCo for the first available appointment for activation at your address. 


On your case, your address has passed the NBN service qualification and we've been advised that Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) infrastructure is ready for service. This means that your ADSL2+ should only be interrupted once, we've detected a connection for your NBN FTTC service.


However, in this particular case multiple technicians were required to attend the site due to the complexity of the fault and to assess the work involved. 


I understand that your experience has not been ideal and we are committed to improve our processes and services.


Hi @Tha89,


We do intend and manage all our resources to have a smooth transition to all of our customers to avoid interruptions.


Since NBN utilizes different types of technologies to deliver the service and they take over existing infrastructures, the issues encountered by some vary. Nonetheless, should our customers experience any difficulty with the transfer from ADSL to NBN we have our provisioning or service delivery team and our technical escalations team to ensure that the installation will be completed regardless of the issue.


Any billing concerns caused by the transfer will be addressed on a case to case basis.

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Hi @Tha89 I've seen this before when web access is blocked normally but works fine through VPN, can you try this link below and post a screenshot of the result .

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Hello @orbistat,


This issue is deeper than internet access. I just don't have NBN DSL sync at all.

Really appeciate for sharing the sevices.

Best Regards,