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Porting phone number AWAY from TPG

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I have a TPG NBN FTTN service with home phone.


I would like to port the phone number on that service to another VoIP provider.  I am happy if TPG supplies me with a new phone number for my TPG phone service, but I need to move my current TPG phone number away while keeping my NBN + phone service.


How do I go about doing this and is it even possible?  If it's not, I will probably have to move my entire TPG NBN service to another ISP.


Good day @SomeGuyInOz.


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It is possible to port your current number to a different VoIP provider. To process that, you need to coordinate with your preferred provider to port the number, once it is successfully ported with them, you need to immediately inform us to avoid the cancellation of your TPG NBN account.


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Thanks for your reply.

When giving my details to the new VoIP provider, what do I use as my TPG account number?  Should I use the "Plan ID" under "NBN Digital Voice Tools"?  Or is the the "ID" for the entire account?


Hi @SomeGuyInOz,


You can simply provide them the complete home phone number associated with your current VoIP service with us.


Let me know should you require further assistance.