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Compatible Router for HFC NBN Connection

Level 2

Planning to purchase router for installation of a Data Only HFC NBN connection shortly. Looking for confirmation if TP-Link Archer AX73 Wireless AX5400 Router is suitable for HFC VLAN Tagging and whether there are other higher performance routers recommended for HFC. Is the AX5400 router all I require other than the NBN ARRIS Connection Box to set up internet and WiFi? Thanks.    

Level 15

Hi @JI01 . Some info on AX73 here:

VLAN ID=2 is used on bundled NBN/VOIP plan. If you have BYO data only plan, VLAN ID is not used.

The Arris box and a router are all that is needed. The router is also suitable for FTTC and FTTP.