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Complaint :- No NBN connection set up organised. ADSL disconnection. Will be left without Internet.

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Level 2

I applied for NBN connection set up at my unit 3 months back. However got an email from TPG earlier that my building premise has an nbn connection already connected, which is there, but at another unit and not mine in the same building premise. So i did exactly what is written in FAQ i.e to send an addressproof at and provided my lease agreement as address proof (having same address what is there with TPG i.e my unit address) . However 2 1/2 months later i.e today, I received an email saying the address dont match , hence application to set up NBN was withdrawn and cancelled. Upon contacting TPG , they said NBN is not having a location id for my unit, which ofcourse they wont have because they have the building locationid and not the individual unit inside. Also since past 3 years its the same address i.e my UNIT Address in TPG account. So i am not able to understand how come NBNco didnot get my locationid for NBN setup. I contacted NBN after 8 to 10 tries (though it wasnt a straight forward connection to NBN on 1800 687 626 . Had to try different combination options to connect) only to know that it Is Internet Service Provider i.e TPG in my case has to send or liase with request to set up an NBN at my unit. Again I contacted TPG to ask why they cancelled my earlier NBN setup request when I had provided the address proof because my unit was not getting located in the address. So they raised another request with NBN today to set up an NBN at my unit. I dont understand though how this new request is different from the previous one. There is no change of address of my unit in a building ( as per the TPG record ) and there is no change of address what NBN is having with them(i.e building address). And both of them are different. So I am afraid that again they will say address not matching. TPG is saying that I will have to wait for NBN to come back to them advising of the availability of NBN. And NBN will come back and say what they said for previous request that address is not matching or they might come and say that NBN is already there at the building instead of taking it up to establish a new NBN set up for my unit.  I am in a fix now becasue  TPG has advised NBN to disconnect the current ADSL Internet connection on 9th of Oct 2020 at my building premise ( which includes my unit as well) as theoritically NBN is already connected to my building premise (but practically its not connected to my unit). So dont know what to do now. Because when I contact TPG for ensuring that they dont disconnect the current ADSL connection at my unit, they say its NBN who decides. When I contacted NBN they say its Internet Service Provider who sends them the list and date for disconnection. Just getting stressed out , becasue I am afraid that my ADSL connection might get disconnected after a month which means I wont be able to work as I am doing work from home and that will impact me a lot financially.
This is what you get after being a loyal customer for past 7 years.


We appreciate your buseiness with us and we apologise for the inconvenience this issue has caused you, @PB . We'd like to look into this and help with the resolution.


Please send us a private message with your TPG customer ID, username and complete address so we can pull up the account.


To send a PM, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community