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Complaint about NBN installation

Level 2

1. My NBN appointment was scheduled on 16th of March between 8am-12pm

Initally the appointment time given was 22nd of May when I initially applied for the service on 26th of Feb.
(the date produced by your system)

16th of March was the date given when I attempted to reschedule


2. Having cancelled all the usual commitments on Saturday, I waited from 8am-12pm.


3. I had a call at 12.10pm saying the technician would arrive in the afternoon. When I requested for a specific time, the gentleman over the phone said it would be in about an hour's time.


4. Waited till 8pm on the same day - had absolutely no phone call nor message to tell us that the technician would not be arriving on that dya


5. Had a call from tpg next day (yesterday) saying this was due to weather issue, and since the installation was provided by a third party, they had no control over it. Attempted to rebook it for the next availabe time on 27th of March in the afternoon, which I declined at the time because
- Of the possiblity of cancelling the whole service with tpg
- I did not understand why I had to wait till next week when it was a fault of TPG


For now i have sent it a request for rescheduling the installation but

while I do understand the weather conditions were terrible over the weekned;

what I did not understand was why I was not contacted when the technician was not going to come & why I have to wait long for the installation even though the fault was at their/your fault


please get back to me regarding this. thank you and have a great day


Hi @jwkevin94


My apologies for the poor experience. We can only imagine how frustrating it was for you.


In as much as we'd like for your installation to go smoothly, there are factors that are beyond our control. NBN installations are not done by TPG technicians. Instead, all NBN installations are done by NBNCo and their delivery partners (contractors).


We base the scheduling of the appointment on NBNCo's calendar. Once an appointment has been confirmed by NBNCo, we are expecting that an NBN technician will attend the agreed date and time. In the unlikely event that there are unavoidable circumstances that an NBNCo tech can't attend the appointment, we are expecting them to either advise us or call you directly since we have provided your contact details. For this case, we were not notified in advance. We also have no way to contact NBNCo during weekends to check for the status of the technician appointment.


I have already reserved the earliest appointment date from NBNCo's calendar. I'm afraid it's no longer the same as the one advised to you yesterday since that's no longer available. Once the appointment has been confirmed, you will receive an email advising you of the details. Should you wish to change the schedule to a different date/time, you can either reply to the email, contact our hotline or leave us a message in this thread.