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Connect from Optus Cable (HFC) to TPG

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I have just signed up to TPG FTTC NBN.


My old internet was Optus cable thought HFC. The Optus cable ran from the overhead power lines to the house (not through the old copper connection).


My house previously had a copper connection for phone, but there are no phone outlets connected to this (one phone outlet currently connected to HFC).



1. Will the technician who turns up next week sort out the phone connection to the old phone line so NBN can connect?

2. Is this part of the connection price I have already paid?



Hi Copenbn,


Welcome to TPG Community!

Your service will be NBN FTTC, that means NBN will use the copper cable that is leading into your property.

There must be a cable from the street to your premises, perhaps living room (can be 610 socket ) or loose under the house/ or roof.


NBN will advice us when they will install the service, that means We may need access to your property.


If there any extra charges involve we will ask you first before going ahead.


Please check the status of your installation.



Level 2

Thank you for the reply.


yes there is cabling you under the house. Due to renovations there are NO phone outlets (other than the Optus HFC outlet)


who connects these cables (copper soon to be nbn) to my existing phone outlet (current Optus hfc) that currently do not extend to the place where it will need to go)?


Hi there,

Optus HFC is using an coaxial cable (like a Tv antena) while NBN FTTC will use a copper cable (like a telephone cable). Different cables hence different sockets.

Technically, It should be terminated (connected) by NBN technnician, however due to the complexity of the job, NBN may request some extra charges (like drilling or running cables), or advice you to fix your internals privately.


I will suggest you to wait up to NBN technical team provide an evaluation from site.

Dont worry we will update you about the update of your service installation process,