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Connecting Multiple Handsets to NBN Fixed Wireless Modem

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I'm about to order TPG NBN Fixed Wireless M bundle which includes the Digital Voice service. I understand that I can use my standard home phone with the new service but need to connect it to the relevant port on the back of the TPG NBN wireless modem I will receive.

My current setup at home has phone sockets in three rooms, all of which have a phone attached and calls can be received in or dialled out from any of them. Is there a way to make the telephone signal from the back of the TPG NBN wireless modem available to all three phone sockets in the house? I was thinking of maybe running a standard phone line from the modem to the nearest wall socket and in this way "injecting" the signal into the current phone wiring here. Or is there some better way of achieving that end result - I'm probably far from alone with this issue. 

Thanks for any assistance.

Cheers David


Hi @selvaverde94,


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It is not possible to connect the old copper lines ( old wallsockets) to the NBN VoIP service. NBN VoIP service is using a different technology that is not compatible with ADSL2+ phone service.


Let us know if you still have questions.

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Thanks ShaneA. Do you know if TPG recommend any other method of enabling multiple handsets to this VOIP connection? I was thinking of connecting maybe a cordless phone base station into the TPG NBN modem and then having another slave cordless handset in another bedroom perhaps (for use by an elderly person). Or maybe there's some kind of wifi or similar option?

Any help appreciated.


Hi @selvaverde94


You're always welcome. You can also use a wireless telephone base with multiple handsets. Smiley Very HappySmiley Wink