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Connecting to Telstra T-voice 503

Level 2

Hi there,

I'm helping to set up internet connection to my parents house which they never have internet before. When the NBN was available in their area, A Telstra technician went to their house and change all the phones to DECT phones, they are connected wirelessly to Telstra Gateway. 


Obviously the TP-Link NBN hub that I received from tpg can not be connected with this DECT phone wirelessly. So I'm thinking to connect the Telstra Gateway to the TP-Link in a way that I can use those phones.


Can anyone tell me that if it's possible and how can I do it?

Level 8

Hi @Jcwyeung It appears that the Telstra T-voice 503 is only compatible with Telstra gateways, you may have to look at buying a separate DECT system such as a Panasonic or Uniden with 1 - 3 handset units and simply plug the base into the phone 1 port on TPG supplied modem/router.